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Since 1995 the Natural Health Group has been educating our members and the
general public on the benefits of a healthy vegan diet and other natural health concepts through lifestyle changing programs and dinner seminars at restaurants, natural health expos, health fairs, and farmers' markets.

In 2008 we began the wholesale distribution of some of the best organic, natural & vegan foods and beverages that we enjoy to convenience stores, markets, cafes, restaurants, etc. throughout the Southern California area. We are currently distributing organic natural and vegan products at wholesale pricing to restaurants, cafés, coffehouses, grocery stores and other businesses in Southern California.

In addition to distributing products, Natural Health Group also promotes and markets those products for our wholesale accounts using effective, proven programs that will increase in-store sales.

The results of our marketing programs is that not only will sales of the distributed products be increased, but there will also be an increased flow of customers to the business location carrying our products.

Our marketing and promotion programs are unique as well as effective and are provided to the wholesale accounts free of charge, or at a nominal charge, depending on the size, scope and effectiveness of the individual program.

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